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Stephanie Rough The Organised Zone

Hi I'm Stephanie

I love organising and always have!  As a working mum of 3 I have always had to be's the only way to survive and stay sane!  

Our lives are now so busy but I firmly believe having a calm, organised and efficient household is the cornerstone of positive wellbeing and happiness.  And it's really true...when things are in order you have more time to spend on the things you love.    

My career of over 20 years working with private clients and small businesses has always been about helping people save time.   Having run a leading recruitment company recruiting domestic staff from Butlers to Housekeepers for High Net Worth families, I have always understood how private households work and oh boy have I seen some wardrobes!  

For many years I worked supporting working parents, and those relocating, in finding childcare and schools and have seen first hand how it impacts wellbeing when the mental load is simply too great. And working as an Executive Assistant supporting business owners developing systems, coping with administration, and allowing them time to grow their business gives me great satisfaction.  

However, it was only after planning a family relocation and decluttering the house ready for sale that I had my lightbulb moment... By combining my passion of organising, working with private clients and saving people time, the Organised Zone was created!

Having gained certification in the Professional Decluttering and Organising Business Diploma, I firmly believe that decluttering and organisation can unlock your potential too and I would love to help you in this journey.  

Do give me a call to chat about how The Organised Zone can help you today.

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The Organised Zone provides in person organising services in Dorset, Hampshire and Surrey, UK.  

Virtual services available worldwide. 


Telephone:  07881 955647